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Hitachi SCX2800-2 Workshop Manual W2CG-E-00

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Hitachi SCX2800-2 Workshop Manual W2CG-E-00
Size: 32.6 MB
Machine: Hydraulic Crawler Crane
Machine Model: SCX2800-2
Publication Date: 2007
Page: 602 Pages
Parts Number: W2CG-E-00

The Bookmarks of Hitachi SCX2800-2 Hydraulic Crawler Crane Workshop Manual:
Section And Group Contents
Section 1 General
 Group 1 Precautions For Disassembling And Assembling
 Group 2 Tightening Torque
Section 2 Slewing Upper Structure
 Group 1 Cabin
 Group 2 Couterweight
 Group 3 Rotating Platform
 Group 4 Pump Mechanism
 Group 5 Control Valve
 Group 6 Slewing Mechanism
 Group 7 Hoisting Mechanism
 Group 8 Derricking Mechanism
 Group 9 Remote Control Valve
 Group 10 Solenoid Valve
 Group 11 Cylinder
Section 3 Base Carrier
 Group 1 Slewing Ring
 Group 2 Travel Mechanism
 Group 3 Center Joint
 Group 4 Take-Up Tumbler
 Group 5 Upper And Lower Rollers
 Group 6 Crawler Shoe
 Group 7 Cylinder
 Group 8 Control Valve
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